Ginkgo Mart is being introduced with a aim to address entire value chain from "Farm to Plate" by eliminating the middlemen to minimize cost between farmers/producers and consumers to ensure the remunerative prices to the farmers/producers as well as the availability of high quality food stuff to the consumers at their doorsteps and that too at the pre-notified price.

Ginkgo Mart use the modern technologies to ensure the highest standard of food safety, freshness and extended Shelf-Life.

a. Convenience
b.  Hygienic
c. Competitiveness
d. Guaranteed Food
e. Quality
f. Value for your money
g. Personalized Services
h. 100% Satisfaction

Ginkgo Mart offers conventional as well as certified organic food with the seal and tags to certifying bodies at an affordable price. We adopt farmers and processors for a partnership and get our produce and products under our own quality supervision.

Ginkgo Mart is located at selected retail outlet as well as other places in urban areas, semi-urban areas and villages. These Ginkgo Mart will have the display of all food stuff which is available through Ginkgo Mart. Hot and cold beverages, snacks, foods & juices can be purchased instantly but other kitchen requirements including fresh fruits and vegetables need to be ordered for home delivery which will be delivered next day during 08:00 hrs to 12:00 hrs. Direct relationship between the consumers and the Ginkgo Mart Executives will be maintained to ensure the services. The products list and the price will be notified on every Sunday which will be valid till next Sunday unless untill no changes are notified. Ginkgo Mart will have three models i.e. Ginkgo Mart(for Urban Area), Mobile Ginkgo Mart (for Semi Urban Area) and Village Ginkgo Mart(for Rural Areas). We plan to cover Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand & Andra Pradesh, Mumbai and Nashik in Maharashtra. The total financial outlay of the project is estimated to be Rs. 750.00 Crore.

a. Graded, washed and packed Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
b. Pre-cut Washed and Packed Fruits and Vegetables with Enhanced Shelf-Life.
c. All Food Stuff Except Fresh Meat and Meat Products
d. Certified Organic Foods at affordable price
e. All Branded (Ginkgo, HPMI and RR products)