Biological farming is the system of farming to ensure that all the natural agriculture practices have been done with a plan to ensure that it does not have harmful residue in the edible portion of crop.It can be done by using balanced,recommended packages & practices,specially designed for each crop.

Normally farmers or commercial people use a fancy word called Organic farming and mislead the consumers without following the protocols of organic farming,which is either carried out following by following PGS (Participatory Guarantee System) or third party certification through a approved certifier as per the norms.HPMI promotes,biological farming by following TAGS (Transparent Agribusiness Guarantee System) to ensure that the produce is healthy and it is grown by maintaining the harmony with nature and does not have any harmful residues or constituents which are translocated either through roots or leaves or any part .

HPMI does have a HPMI PGS systems,following the protocols ,set by Ministry Of Agriculture,Govt.of India based on International norms of PGS in addition to third party certified organic farms for exporting produce/products to other countries ,as per the protocols.

HPMI promotes biological / organic farming through it’s beneficiaries and pays 4% extra in first year,5% extra in second year and 7% in third year onwards to the third party certified growers and helps farmers in reducing their cost of production by promoting “low in-put farming” or “Zero out-side in-put farming” and train the grower to prepare their all the agri-input including bio-fertilizers or plant protection bio-agents at farm by using the material available at farm only to have almost “zero Budget Farming”.